Sunday, July 31, 2011

Kayaking Alaqua Creek

The rain finally let up so that we could do our first group kayak with Choctawhatchee  Chapter of The Florida Trail Association (of which we are new members) on Saturday, July 30th.  It was a beautiful day clear but hot, oh well this is Florida in mid-summer.

 We started out with the meet up at the south launch.
The creek was like a mirror, with nar'ly a ripple.
More yakers arrive and prepare for launch.
 Launched and ready to paddle.
The Husband ready to go.
 Can it get any more serene than this?
Do you hear banjo music?
I was so impressed with this elderly lady in the group. She came by herself and had an inflatable kayak.

This was our first time on a small creek/river with our kayaks.  We usually go on the bay, bayous and gulf.  It was a lot of fun and very quiet and tranquil the farther up stream we went.  We couldn't go all the way with the group because it got difficult to maneuver our 14ft yaks the farther up we went.  Some went about a mile more before heading back.

We took our time leisurely paddling back to the launch.  The only wild life we really saw were large jumping bass and a VERY, VERY large HAIRY spider in a web in a branch that we had to go under.  I could have done without that.

After the paddle we all met up at a local restaurant for a late lunch.  I had local fried mullet and frog legs.....yum!


  1. What a fun adventure. And what a beautiful place - so different from California!! Lunch sounds fabulous!

  2. Beautiful place! Yep could hear the banjo music ;) Mom left the room when you said spider. BOL!

    Waggin at ya,