Sunday, August 26, 2012

Isaac Update

My good fortune is someone's misfortune. 
 Courtesy of NOAA

Isaac is now looking to track a little farther west, at the moment straight up Mississippi.  We are just on the very eastern edge of the cone right now.  It's still a few days out and anything can change, but NOAA is pretty good at predicting these things.

We will keep our fingers crossed that where ever it goes it is a high 1 or low 2, or perhaps fall apart altogether.  And as season doesn't end until Nov 30th, we will keep watch for the next one.

Thank you all for you well wishes.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Woe Is Me

Preparing for Isaac this weekend, shutters, extra food and water.  If this path is fixed he will come in almost on top of us.  Hoping he moves a little more east, the less time he is over open, warm water the better for everyone.  Arrival time, 8am Weds.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Chronicles of Louis the VII Rottweiler

Two Month Gotcha Day

It seems longer, he fits us just like a glove, but today it has been two months since Louie entered our lives.

He hasn't diminished our love or our longing for Lily and Eddie, but he has filled our lives and our hearts, easing the loses, making them bearable.

We hope we are making a good home for him, I think we are.  Today we went to PetSmart for food and, of course, a new toy.  Several people stopped to pet him and say how handsome he was.........and as he picked out that new toy, how lucky he was....they didn't know how anyone could give him up.  Neither can we,  but if they didn't and if Last Hope Rescue didn't see something in him worth saving he wouldn't be ours and that would be our loss.

Happy Two Month Gotcha Day, Louie boy, life would not be the same without you!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Chronicles of Louis the IIV Rottweiler

 The Graduate

The night we brought Louie home we stopped at Pet Smart and signed him up for obedience class.  Even from the short time we knew him we knew he had the basics down and were able to get him in an intermediate class.  Well, yesterday was graduation day!

What started out as a class of four ended as a class of two.  Here is Louie's fellow student, Sweet Sissy paying strict attention in class.
She is just the cutest thing. Here she is practicing her down-stay.
Froggy style!  Louie shows he can do a down-stay, too!
The students waiting with anticipation.
"Louie, do you think we passed, huh, huh, Louie, you listenin' to me?"
Sweet Sissy passed, much to her relief.  She is adorable as ever in her little cap.  And what about Louie....
He passes with flying colors. " Ladies, I'm not only handsome, I got me some smarts too!"
"What do you think of this pose? I call it ' Brown Steel',  BOL,  move over Zoolander!"

Now that Louie has passed, he plans to pursue a higher education, going for his Advanced degree, CGC and hopefully, Therapy Dog certification.  Louie has a great future and is going places................
Well, he'll go those places later, right now he's going to take a nap!