Saturday, September 21, 2013

Saturday Cocktail

The Midori Sour is one of my new favorite cocktails. Simple to make just equal parts of Midori and Sour mix with a lemon garnish. Delish!

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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Harvest Moon Ball

I love dolls. I still have my original Barbies from my childhood. I have also added to those over the years and now have a modest collection of Barbies and Ideal Miss Revlons (from the 50's).

I go through periods where I pull a few out for display and/or to make clothes for them. This is one of those times when I wish I was 10 yrs old and didn't have a care in the world..........because the world is a very scary place at times.

So I've decided to make a few outfits for some of my Barbies (and they can't all be named Barbie, so yes, they have names). Now it's been awhile since I have made anything for the Vinyl Goddess and she is quite small so I am starting out with simple but pretty outfits.

These two lovely ladies, Jeanelle (reproduction 60's ponytail) and Courtney (early 2000 doll) are attending the Harvest Moon Ball tonight in coordinated fall dresses.

These are simple strapless dresses but getting that full skirt attached to the bodice did take some doing. One of the hardest parts of making doll clothes on this scale is finding fabric prints that are appropriate and have enough drape or are not to stiff. These are made from cotton and I think worked out good. The leaf print is really pretty.

I have decided on the next outfit to make.....something along the lines of Halloween but not a costume.

Hope you enjoy!

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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Saturday Cocktail

Sex on a Brazilian Beach. Peach nectar, Malibu rum and vodka. Refreshing on a very hot day!

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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Saturday Cocktail

Emerald Coast Margarita - The color of this cocktail is reminiscent of our beautiful Gulf water. But much tastier!

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Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day .......summer's end

Where did the summer go? While I love fall and the coming cooler weather, I have to wonder where the summer went and so quickly! Seems like as a kid the summer was long and lazy, now it zips by like high-speed rail. Or is it just that I'm getting older and all time seems to be zipping by and not just summer?

We had neighbors over for dinner and games last night. Always fun!

I went with a summer into fall theme with my table, based around the beautiful golden roses and orange gerber daisies I got at the market. I made a pitcher of peach sangria that was delicious.

First course, a tuna poke salad in a little corn tortilla cup on a bed of guacamole with a hint of shiracha. I loved this and could have made a meal out of larger portions of course.

Salad course, spinach with a bacon vinegarette. The white stuff is grated egg white. The yolks were soft boiled separately. When you broke the yolk and mixed with the salad it gave it such a heavenly richness. It was sooooo yummy.

Main course was Chicago style baby back ribs and twiced baked potatoes. Chicago style ribs don't get as much press as other styles but that's okay, they are our little secret. Chicago style ribs offer more resistance, none of this fall off the bone stuff, these are ribs to sink your teeth into. And the sauce is a little sweeter so you get a good carmelization. All in all, yummy.

Dessert was apple pancake with ice cream (sorry, ate it so fast, no picture).

Several rip roaring rounds of UNO put the cap on a great end of summer evening.

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