Friday, July 15, 2011

Fido Friday

"No, I do not want to look at the camera."

 "Okay, I'm looking at the camera. Here is my best 'scram face', now leave me alone to sunbath in peace."


  1. Lily, you are such a beauty! Ruby and I love to be photographed, but Gizmo, not so much. We just went back and looked at all your fido posts. Your pal Ed was a handsome fellow. Bart sleeps like he did with his head leaning up against things. Our Angel sister Allie went very quickly, too, also at nine years. Mom was so unprepared. Aside from a slight loss of appitite, she never slowed down. She had a large mass in her spleen. Mom misses her a lot still. We do our best, though to distract her. We're pretty successful most of the time. Hope you enjoyed your sunbath!


  2. My Rott hears the camera and starts posing. Summer is such a ham! All of my Rotts have loved to have their pictures taken, but Summer is the funniest girl!