Sunday, July 3, 2011

Kayaking Choctawhatchee Bay

We were able to get the yaks out for a few hours this morning.

I have matched my outfit to my yak.

 The Husband has also matched his outfit to my yak.

 Does this hat make me look....ridiculous?

Exploring the bayous and inlets is very relaxing.

Out on the open bay. The water is so shallow and clear here you can see the bottom in this picture.

 One of the nice things about kayaking around here is the wildlife.  The Husband was able to get a picture of this Osprey chick peeking over the nest.  There are actually 2 chicks in there and Mom and Dad were taking turns feeding them.

I also saw 2 pods of dolphins no more than 75ft from me.  Unfortunately The Husband missed them and I didn't have my camera with me.  They are so amazing to see up close in the wild like that, just swimming.

The mullet were also jumping like crazy too!  I was hoping one or two would jump in the yak.  For those of you who don't know what a mullet is aside from a bad haircut, it is a fish.  They are vegetarians so you can only catch them with nets.  They are very tasty.  But alas, none found their way on board.

It was nice to get out as it has been awhile since we have gone kayaking.  Even though it was already stifling hot with the sun beating down on our heads, there was an ever so slight breeze.  But just seeing the wildlife around us made it all worth it.

Enjoy the rest of your July 4th holiday.


  1. What a wonderful day! Happy 4th!

  2. Ahhh ... makes me miss North Florida!

  3. Excellent day! Mom and I go kayaking too :) I'm pretty new to it butt have caught on fast! I have my sea legs now :D

    The Rottrovers sent me on over to say HI!

    Followin your tails now :)