Sunday, July 10, 2011

Issues ....I've got issues

I don't know who's blog I saw it on but they made Colette Patterns Sorbetto tank top.  It was adorable and it was a free download.  So off I went.......

After taping the pieces together I was going to copy the size I needed but for the life of me these old trifocaled eyes could not see the lines through the tissue paper.  So I decided to just go ahead and cut out the size I needed from the paper pattern.  

In reading over their size chart I was a little surprised that I would cut a size 2 (Bust 34).  I know they are an independent pattern house and not the one of the larger commercial brands but I was still a little concerned.  I decided to go up one size to a 4 (Bust 35).  I also cut the length at the size 10 because I like my tops a little longer.

The top just looked small to me as I was sewing the seams.  Once I got the seams done I held it up to me....uhoh.  I am surprised I could get it on.....I know they say they have less ease in their patterns but I looked like 10lbs of sausage stuffed in a 5lb casing!  It was also shorter than I like even after adding length. I was so disappointed because:  1) I really like the fabric (it goes so well with a pair of cargo pants I bought months ago, that I have nothing to wear with) and 2) everyone always raves about the fit of Collette patterns.  I'm note sure what went wrong where.

Not to be defeated I was determined to try and save this cute little top.  Getting out of it was my first hurtle....I looked like Edward Norton in 'Fight Club',  beating the crap out of myself to get this thing off!  But I won, and off it came.

I took out all the seams and resewed them at a scant 1/4".  It is still a little snug in the bust but I think it is wearable.  Here she is with the bias facings on yet:

The flowers are shades of lavender and purple with tan, not green leaves.  I was going to make the bias out of a lavender tonal print, but I think I will just use the same floral fabric.

I have already made my adjustment notes and because this is a simple top they weren't that complicated.  So fit issues aside I really like this top.  It sews up quick and the pleat adds a little interest. You can embellish it or make it even simpler by taking out the pleat.  I know I plan on making more.


  1. Cute top! I wonder if the pattern printed out to scale? I've never tried a downloadable pattern (as I have no printer at home ...) but I've heard that can happen.

  2. I thought so too, but checked the test swatch and it matched. Maybe I am just bigger in life than I appear in print,lol!

  3. I love the fabric. It would look cute next to a rottweiler!!