Saturday, February 20, 2010

Simplicity 4950

I finally got around to wearing the grey pinstripe pants I made in January from Simplicity 4950. And while I am very happy that my workouts are finally making a difference, it is becoming a problem with the sewing.  When I started these pants they fit good, maybe just a little loose.....well, now they need to be taken in at the waist and a little in the hip.  I haven't really lost any weight, it's just shifting around and firming up. I guess I shouldn't complain.
Does this sweater make me look fat?
Why do my legs look so short?
Gosh, I really need a photography lesson or too.  These pants really look much better in person, but I'm not sure that sweater is doing me any favors. Maybe the color isn't right for me even though it matches the darker pink stripe in the pants.

I am still plodding along with B5331. I really thought I would have finished it last week when The Husband was gone or this week at the latest.  But I just haven't been motivated in the evenings to work on it more than a few minutes. I am down to the sleeves, buttonholes and handwork. I made bias binding for all the regular seams from a pretty printed cotton and did  faux flat-feld seams on the princess seams using the same bias binding. It looks really nice on the inside. 

I think I'm just tired of it for some reason and I'm not lovin' the color is very similar to the sweater I am wearing here......only a little darker. Maybe that's my problem. Or maybe I'm just tired......who knows.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Super Bowl of Food

Okay, so my team didn't win. But we all know that the Super Bowl isn't really about the game....or who wins, or loses (sure I can be all philosophical about it now because my team lost). We know it's all about.....the FOOD!

The Husband and I usually try to come up with a menu that reflects a little about both teams......but really does anyone know what food specialty Indiana is known for????? We were stumped. Internet searches turned up zip, zilch, nada, bupkis!

So we did the best we could  with a Super Bowl of Sandwich tasting plate: Top Right: The Lynn Dog ( a Hebrew National Kosher Frank wrapped in bacon and baked in phyllo), Bottom Right: Mini Muffalatta, Top Left: A Slider, Bottom Left: Mini Shrimp Po' Boy.  Accompaniments: homemade cole slaw, homemade dill pickles and tomatoes. Oh, yes and Blue Maragaritas in honor of the Colts.

The Husband has a little problem with portion control and size......I swear each plate weighed 7lbs easy.  We were full for days!!!

The Husband tackles the Muffalatta.........

Our good friend, Lynn................namesake of the, you guessed it, Lynn Dog.

My team may have lost, but we had a great time. And after all that is what the game is about....good friends, good food, good drinks.......good times!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Fido Friday

 Birthday Presents

Checking out the new wubby's Lily scored on her birthday...........................

That's one big wubby!
Wubby's are good for hugging!
Ed enjoyed cuddling with the wubby more than Lily.......she likes to bash them around! There are 2 wubby's but they both seemed to like the red one best.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

January is for Pants

I finished the hand sewing on the grey pants Sunday night, but haven't worn them yet, so no pictures. They turned out nice, might need to be taken in a bit from mid-hip to mid-thigh. Hmmm, this working out 5-6 times a week might finally be working!

I'm pretty pleased that I was able to complete 2 pairs of pants in January. I've cut and marked B5331 and will start sewing this evening. I'll do the princess seams flat-feld, so I need to take my time with those. With the Super Bowl this Sunday and having people over I don't think I'll get much sewing done, so I'm giving myself 2 weeks to complete it. Not a set-in-stone schedule but a goal nonetheless.