Friday, December 30, 2011

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Twas' the day before Christmas..........

Lily soaks up some rays waiting for Santa.
 She won't get many presents with a scowl like that!
There's that big Rottie grin....and she has a lot to grin about.  A week ago her Vet was worried because she was very anemic when she came in for her chemo treatment and we were having trouble getting her to eat. They postponed the session and suggested we take her back to her surgeon for an ultrasound and a possible bone marrow biopsy. Uh oh, had the cancer spread? Her lungs were clear but it could have spread elsewhere.
Well, The Husband and I did a little thinking and put together a timeline scenario to see when she started not eating.  The week before she had punctured her stump and opened a wound.  They put her on an antibiotic called 'Baytril' which is good for wounds like hers. Soon after that she started getting really fussy about eating. So The Husband did a little internet research and found out in very rare cases this drug can cause anemia. 
The Vet wasn't convinced but we all thought it best to remove her from it.  Just 24hours after stopping it she was a NEW dog! Eating, running, talking up a storm and just being Lily.
The Husband still took her for the ultrasound which was negative and had her blood retest.  The red count went from 23 to 33 in just 3 days! No bone marrow biopsy needed.
We all know our pets best and when they start acting different at home we can provide a timeline of events leading up to issues with them.  If you have a good vet they will listen (we do) and take this into consideration.  It also pays to do research on your own. Your vet can't know everything about food and drug interactions.
Our little princess  had her last chemo treatment yesterday.  Her wound is finally healing and she got the wreath off her head.  She goes back once a month for checkups now.
We know not everyone chooses this route with their pets and sometimes you can't, but we are very glad we did and hope Lily makes it well past her 10th birthday (Jan 26th).
 We wish Eddy's treatment had been more successful and  miss him very much this holiday season but are grateful for what we have.

To you and yours a very...........................

from Fabric, Food and Fido.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Lily Update

I discovered a pressure puncture on poor Lily's stump. I will not give you the gory details but she is now sporting several staples and this:
Yes, her very own Christmas wreath for the next week!
Needless to say she is not a happy camper.
 But she is a trooper and tries to keep a smile on her face!
Even when it makes for awkward times when doin' your Business!


Friday, December 9, 2011

Fido Friday

Lily has been doing very well. She finished her 4th round of chemo just after Thanksgiving. She also got to spend time with other doggies at the Canine Discovery Center for a few days over Thanksgiving.  We hated leaving her but could not take her with us to our friends place in central Florida.  But because it is run by her Vet she got extra special attention from all her friends there.

I think she has 2 more treatments, then what I don't know.  We just keep our fingers crossed that she stays cancer free.  We will be celebrating her 10th birthday in January which we weren't sure would happen a few months all is good!

Monday, December 5, 2011

I'm Getting Fat!

And it's The Husband's fault.  Just look at what he made for dinner Saturday night:
Oysters Rockafeller made with fresh Appalachicola oysters).
Gone in sixty seconds (I only had 6)! AND:

Prince Edward Island mussels in a garlic wine sauce. Yes this is just my bowl....I ate them all but 2, one was cracked and the other didn't open. Both dishes were DELISH!

Then on Sunday night he made this:
Lobster Mac n' Cheese. That is all claw meat that he carefully removed from the shell.  This was a good dish, but frankly I like his cajun crawfish mac n' cheese better.  I really think lobster is best served steamed or grilled with just a side of butter for dunking.

I contributed to our meals by eating everything on my plate and setting the table with this lovely centerpiece:
Even Lily helped by cleaning up any crumbs that may have found their way on to the floor. I'm sure there weren't many.
The Husband really needs to learn how to make a simple soup and salad don't you think? 

Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Internet Made Me Do It.....

Seems everyone had their patterns on sale last weekend.  I couldn't resist, the force was too I splurged.

New Look. I don't know why but I love New Look patterns.  These are not new releases but I have wanted them for a long time and finally broke down:
These are great  blouses for our hot summers in Florida.

 I am on a skirt kick lately. While similar I think these can all be unique in their own way.

McCalls/Butterick: They had an incredible sale, $1.99 ($1.69 for Club members). Who could resist!
 I think this top pattern is new or I just over looked it before.

Again with the skirts, what can I say. It looks like the grandniece is getting some too.

LantzLiving: Love her vintage patterns, which these are not but again they are skirts.

I really need to get sewing and quit buying patterns. I've promised not to buy any more.....this year!  Good think it is already December.