Sunday, December 29, 2013

Gift for a Friend

We had our neighbors over for a game night before Thanksgiving. I was showing her some of my Barbies and clothes that I made. She got very excited and started talking about her Midge doll and how she was always her favorite. She was heartbroken that her mother had given all her dolls to her niece years ago and they were gone.

My neighbor has been having some serious health issues and is waiting to have more tests done next week. I wanted to do something for her to take her mind off things and reminder her of happier days, so I took to Ebay and found her this beautiful Midge doll..........for a steal.

The seller was fairly new and only had one picture of her. There were only a few hours left on the auction and I had to get to work so I put in the starting bid (no other ones were entered) and set a small limit just in case someone else came across her.........but no one did.

I kept my fingers crossed that she would be in decent condition for the low price. Well, she turned out to be in very good condition.....all fingers and toes, all polish and face paint. Hair just in need of a brushing.....well it might need a washing to freshen up her do.

She came dressed in just the dress from the Barbie in Switzerland outfit. I made her this simple strapless dress and stole that will take her from Christmas parties to New Year's Balls. Slip on a pair of vintage shoes and she was all set.

Needless to say my neighbor was thrilled and I was thrilled to put a smile on her face.

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Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Food of Christmas

We always start our morning with a variety of smoke fish and lox and bagels. And we can't forget the Bloody Mary to wash it all down.

Pre-dinner cocktail was a Pomagrante Martini.

Dinner was filet with lobster tails, baked potato and asparagus. And we can't forget a glass of wine to wash it down.

We had a Mixed Berry Tart (store bought.....oh the horror!) But I forgot to take a picture.

Ugh! Lucky I got the Wii Zumba workout for Christmas !!!!!!!!

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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas

Original Barbie in gown handmade by my Aunt Virgie for me for Christmas almost 50 years ago.

Brenda, 1964 brunette bubblecut is wearing vintage outfit #977 Silken Flame. Veronica, 1964 ponytail swirl is wearing vintage outfit # 986 Sheath Sensation. These dolls and outfits are vintage but not original to me. I have added several dolls and outfits to my collection in the past 20 years. Both dolls have had their lips retouched.

Stephanie, 1967 - 1968 Hair Fair and 1966 Francie, Barbie's MODern cousin. The Hair Fair was just sold as a head with different hair extentions. This one has had some re-rooting done as you can see by her cowlick. Francie is original to me and is as close to perfect as a played with doll can be. Both outfits are made by me.

Look at that face, perfect lips, no missing eyelashes, beautiful hair and her body is excellent. Yes, Francie is perfect to me.

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Monday, December 16, 2013

My Original Barbie

Her name is Barbie. I got her when I was 7 waaaayyy back in 1963. For a much loved, played with doll she is in very good condition. Her pale pink lip color is almost rubbed off but still noticable even in this photo. She has no neck splits but does have greening on one ear. The outfit is original to my collection from 1963 #955 called 'Swingin' Easy'. It came in this green and a darker green of the same print. The ribbon sash has faded to a purple from a dark green! Aside from that it also is in good condition.

If you look closely you can see the ear greening on this side. It is oxidation from the metal earrings she came with and is common on older dolls. Some people have had success with removing it doesn't bother me enough to risk it.  I love her the way she is and I think she looks darn good for 50!

Here she is with Jeanelle, my reproduction 1961 ponytail. Jeanelle is dressed in a green cotton dress that I made from a vintage pattern.

Barbie and Jeanelle are getting ready for Christmas!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

'Cone on' the Rottweiler

Poor Louie has a hotspot on the side of his head and is relegated to the cone of shame. The Vet said we caught it in time and should heal with help of antibiotics and a topical spray to dry it out.
I guess these things can turn really nasty, real quickly. We noticed it Weds. evening and thought it might have been a small cyst that broke. Cleaned it up but couldn't see anything. Thurs. it looked the same, cleaned it up again and decided if it was the same on Fri he would go in. Vet said his ear on that side was black and blue ( can you tell?????) I mentioned he did hit his head pretty hard on the kitchen cabinet earlier in the week in his zeal to eat dinner. Vet said it was possible that open a small scrap that got infected. This type of bacteria infection is similar to the flesh eating bacteria in that the skin dies. Fri. morning his skin did look different in the small spot he had scratched fur off so we got him in in time to halt it.

As you can see he is not a happy camper. Heard him several times during the night bouncing off a few things in the bedroom but he is learning to navigate the house with it.

He is suppose to wear it until he sees the Vet on Weds........oh joy.