Wednesday, February 29, 2012

First Crush

I have to admit that Davy Jones was my first crush.  What 10 year old girl could resist such a cutie! And I even liked their music.....and honestly it still makes me happy when I hear it and I sing along. Call me a dork, what can I say, it was a nice part of my childhood.


Saturday, February 25, 2012

Breakfast of Champions and Lily Update

During the week my breakfast usually consists of Special K Protein Plus cereal with assorted fresh or dried fruits, oatmeal or a homemade smoothie.   But the weekends are a different story.  There is nothing like a hardy breakfast to start a busy weekend.

When The Husband asked what I wanted for breakfast I knew I wanted something made with spicy Wally sausages and tomatoes (we have a lot of them for some reason).  If you have never had the spicy breakfast patties from Walmart you are missing out on some spicy goodness.  They have just the right amount of heat to take your breakfast from ho hum to wow.  The Husband renders the fat off them and pats up any excess so as not to create an artery clogging morning eye opener.

So here is what he made me this morning:

A spinach, tomato, sausage and cheese frittata.  Yummy goodness!

Lily Update:

Lily went to the vet for a check up yesterday and she is doing great!  The swelling on her stump is pretty much gone and is just draining a little now.  She is still on an antibiotic flush along with oral and topical as well.  The tubes will stay in until at least the end of next week.  But she is almost back to her old self, moving around with ease, pain free.

What a tough dog she is......honestly last Thursday (17th) I did not think she was going to make it through the night.  The Husband was away and I spent that night cradling her on the floor as we both tried to sleep.  If it was time, it was time I thought.  I got her to the vet the next morning and had The Husband cut his trip short. She really has a will to go on and we will do our best to give her every chance.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Poor, Poor Lily (Warning, Warning Will Robinson, Gross Picture Ahead!

Don't say I didn't warn you!  Poor, Poor Lily has gotten a nasty infection in her stump area.  It has not affected the bone and seems to be localized to the area and not spread through her entire system.  But it is some nasty business just the same.  Those white things sticking out of her are drainage tubes.......yes, drainage tubes.  And that spot on her blanket is...well.....drainage.
Apparently it got infected when she opened up a wound on her stump for the 2nd time.  We thought we were keeping it clean but something nasty got in there.  It swelled up pretty bad and she was in a lot of pain for a few days.  We didn't notice at first because we keep padded tee shirts on her to protect the stump.  She is much better now but this will be draining for at least a week.
This is not something for the faint of heart, as the stump needs to be flushed twice a day with water and then an antibiotic.  Luckily I have a pretty strong stomach for these things.
While she is getting all kinds of lovin' and special meals I get lots of laundry and 2 plastic bottles for flushing the wound!
Ah, the things we will do for our loved ones.....two legged and four, uh, er I mean three......

Monday, February 20, 2012

In Memory of Edgrrr - 10/31/2002 - 02/20/2011

He was born on Halloween 2002. A most adorable devil-dog.
He can to us on December 22, 2002.  A Christmas present for all of us after the loss of our big boy Tyson.
Checking out his new backyard with big sis, Lily.
They loved each other from the start.
His first snow!
Giving big sis some lip.
First bath...."better you than me", Lily says.
Warm and incredibly cute afterwards.
All grown up and livin' the life in Florida.
Still incredibly cute.............
Always the clown.
We miss you so much Eddy boy.  We especially miss that BIG rottie grin.
You will be in our hearts .......always.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Dinner fit for a Valentine

The Husband out did himself today with this yummy dinner for his special Valentine....ME!
Pan-seared duck breast in blackberry sauce, kale with shallots and parmesan, and the cutest little mashed potato was delicious!  We washed it down with this..........
Best meal in town tonight was at our house!

Happy Valentine's Day..........