Saturday, August 27, 2011

Road to Recovery

Dogs are amazing. Lily had her surgery Monday afternoon.  We brought her home Tuesday afternoon.  I was heartbroken when I saw her......what had we done.  She was still suffering the effects of the anesthesia and it took 4 of us to get her in the back of my Jeep.  We purchased a sling harness for large dogs but I was still worried just the 2 of us wouldn't be able to handle her when we got home.

But we got her out without incident.  That night The Husband and I slept on the floor with her.  She really enjoyed that....everytime I took my hand off her back she scooted back closer to me, her way of saying 'don't stop'.

Every day she showed amazing improvement.  When the UPS man came she ran a few feet to the foyer (stopping where the carpet ends and tile begins....are they smart or what?) and waited to see what he brought. She is standing on her own to do her 'business', with Mom or Dad nearby in case she teeters too far.

We will find out more about our next course of action next week.  But she is definitely on the Road to Recovery!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Nobody Ever Said Life Was Fair.................

And it's not.  After losing our little boy, Edgrrr to lymphoma in February we have now learned that Lily has bone cancer.  It is centered on her front left leg at the paw and leg juncture.  We have consulted with our vet, who in turn consulted with others including one at the University of Florida.  And while there is a somewhat experimental bone grafting procedure the consensus to relieve her pain and prolong her life is amputation.

We are not strangers to cancer or amputation.  Our second Rottie,  Echo had a nasty tissue to tissue cancer in a rear leg.  We knew she had less than a 50/50 chance but the procedure gave her 10 good months.  A front leg is a bit more difficult for deep chested big dogs, but they adapt.

It is not something we do lightly.  But she deserves a chance at another 2 years, maybe more if we get lucky.

She has a consult with the surgeon on Monday, we are hoping they can do it Tuesday.  There is no evidence it has spread to her lungs yet and there is a chance with the weakened bone she could break it, so the sooner the better. 
 These darn Rotties and their cancers.......but you gotta love em'.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Fido Friday

Lily Big Ears.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Knit is Still My Enemy

It's been almost 2 years since I tackled sewing with knits.  I decided it was time to try again.  So I took this pattern:
 Vogue 8669
And made this:
It's not too bad but I still have an issue with my stitches.  The side seams aren't bad, and the back neck had bias for a little more support but the front neckline and bottom hem stitches still come out all wonking.  It doesn't make any difference if I use the so called "stretch" stitch on the machine or a regular straight stitch.  At least the front neckline folds in on itself and really can't be seen.  And I doubt anyone is going to be staring at the hem, the print is busy enough to hide it.  I didn't want to take any chances with hemming the arms so just left them unstitched.

I love this top, it looks really flattering on me.  I cut a straight Size 12 and the only adjustment I made was taking the length up 1".  It is very long and the tunic version even longer.  I would love to make a few more sleeveless and 3/4" length versions.  I think I am going to try a matte jersey knit next, this slippery 'ITY' stuff is a PITA to work with, luckily it is the last piece in my stash.

Oh yes and I made it in a day, a few hours all total from cutting it out to picture.  For me that is an accomplishment!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

4 Sorbettos, all in a row

 You already saw #1 in a previous post but here it is again.
I had some fit issues with this one that were entirely my own fault by cutting it out on the incorrect sizing lines (they need to make 10x reading glasses for this stuff.  I don't know how people can use the Burda patterns without making a mistake!).  This was made in the standard Sorbetto with front pleat and has self-made matching bias trim.  It's a little snug across the bust (FIRST time I have ever had that issue) but it is wearable and I do like it.  I have worn it once already.  Here is a close-up of fabric and bias trim.
Sorbetto # 2:
I only had about a yard of this fabric but really thought it was a nice print to go with jeans.  I got rid of the front pleat and had to cut the back in 2 pieces rather than on a fold, making a scant 1/4inch seam.  I thought it looked a little plain so I made the little front placket and added the buttons.  It has purchased bias trim. The fit was better on this one and I have already worn it once.  Here is a close-up of fabric, trim and buttons (these buttons are actually on backwards, I liked the pearlized underside better than the top):
Sorbetto # 3:
 This one is my favorite. I just love this fabric and even though the background is a dark navy intend on wearing this with black jeans.  The fit on this one, after a little tweaking, is perfect.  It is a standard Sorbetto with contrasting self-made bias.  I have not worn it yet, but plan to next week.  Here is a close-up of the fabric and contrasting bias:
  Sorbetto #4:
This is my second favorite.  The print is black and grey on bright white.  It is a standard Sorbetto with front pleat, self-made contrasting bias and 3 black mismatched buttons.  The bias trim really contrasts on this one while #3 was a more subtle contrast so as not to fight the busyness of the print.  This print cried out for a little more zing.  I have not worn it yet (just finished sewing on the buttons an hour ago) but plan to next week.  Here is a close-up of the fabric, contrasting bias trim and buttons:
There is actually a Sorbetto #5 cut out and sitting on the work pile.  As with #2 I had less than a yard of fabric so it will have no pleat and a seamed back.  But I am a little burnt out on making these at the moment but will come back to it shortly.

This is a great pattern and like many other sewists out in blogland I have been smitten with Sorbetto Fever!  I am sure I will continue to come back to this pattern time and again.