Sunday, July 31, 2011

Kayaking Alaqua Creek

The rain finally let up so that we could do our first group kayak with Choctawhatchee  Chapter of The Florida Trail Association (of which we are new members) on Saturday, July 30th.  It was a beautiful day clear but hot, oh well this is Florida in mid-summer.

 We started out with the meet up at the south launch.
The creek was like a mirror, with nar'ly a ripple.
More yakers arrive and prepare for launch.
 Launched and ready to paddle.
The Husband ready to go.
 Can it get any more serene than this?
Do you hear banjo music?
I was so impressed with this elderly lady in the group. She came by herself and had an inflatable kayak.

This was our first time on a small creek/river with our kayaks.  We usually go on the bay, bayous and gulf.  It was a lot of fun and very quiet and tranquil the farther up stream we went.  We couldn't go all the way with the group because it got difficult to maneuver our 14ft yaks the farther up we went.  Some went about a mile more before heading back.

We took our time leisurely paddling back to the launch.  The only wild life we really saw were large jumping bass and a VERY, VERY large HAIRY spider in a web in a branch that we had to go under.  I could have done without that.

After the paddle we all met up at a local restaurant for a late lunch.  I had local fried mullet and frog legs.....yum!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Fido Friday

Now there's a happy Rottweiler! In her fav spot....begging next to the table!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Flashback Friday

These skooter skirts were all the rage back when I was in high school.  We loved them because they were short and somewhat modest at the same time.  I made View 1 in brown tweed in 1972 I think.  Very stylish with knee socks....(do they still make knee socks? do girls still wear knee socks? Yikes! I'm getting old!)

Friday, July 15, 2011

Fido Friday

"No, I do not want to look at the camera."

 "Okay, I'm looking at the camera. Here is my best 'scram face', now leave me alone to sunbath in peace."

Monday, July 11, 2011


We live in a small town in NW Florida.  Aside from chinese, thai and korean, the variety of ethnic food is somewhat limited.  Coming from a diverse area like Chicago this can be a problem at times when you get a hankrin' for something.  Have no fear, The Husband to the rescue:
 Homemade falafel, homemade pitas and homemade cucumber tahini sauce.  He didn't make the feta, olives or grow the veggies....what a slacker ;)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Issues ....I've got issues

I don't know who's blog I saw it on but they made Colette Patterns Sorbetto tank top.  It was adorable and it was a free download.  So off I went.......

After taping the pieces together I was going to copy the size I needed but for the life of me these old trifocaled eyes could not see the lines through the tissue paper.  So I decided to just go ahead and cut out the size I needed from the paper pattern.  

In reading over their size chart I was a little surprised that I would cut a size 2 (Bust 34).  I know they are an independent pattern house and not the one of the larger commercial brands but I was still a little concerned.  I decided to go up one size to a 4 (Bust 35).  I also cut the length at the size 10 because I like my tops a little longer.

The top just looked small to me as I was sewing the seams.  Once I got the seams done I held it up to me....uhoh.  I am surprised I could get it on.....I know they say they have less ease in their patterns but I looked like 10lbs of sausage stuffed in a 5lb casing!  It was also shorter than I like even after adding length. I was so disappointed because:  1) I really like the fabric (it goes so well with a pair of cargo pants I bought months ago, that I have nothing to wear with) and 2) everyone always raves about the fit of Collette patterns.  I'm note sure what went wrong where.

Not to be defeated I was determined to try and save this cute little top.  Getting out of it was my first hurtle....I looked like Edward Norton in 'Fight Club',  beating the crap out of myself to get this thing off!  But I won, and off it came.

I took out all the seams and resewed them at a scant 1/4".  It is still a little snug in the bust but I think it is wearable.  Here she is with the bias facings on yet:

The flowers are shades of lavender and purple with tan, not green leaves.  I was going to make the bias out of a lavender tonal print, but I think I will just use the same floral fabric.

I have already made my adjustment notes and because this is a simple top they weren't that complicated.  So fit issues aside I really like this top.  It sews up quick and the pleat adds a little interest. You can embellish it or make it even simpler by taking out the pleat.  I know I plan on making more.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Flashback Friday

In high school we called these 'elephant bells'.  I made the red version out of the softest wide wale corduroy I have ever touched.  They were a deep navy blue and so low slung that you had to wear a bodysuit with them so you didn't show any 'teen crack'.  It was 1971.....I am surprised my Mother let me out of the house in these........I am more surprised my Father let me back in.

WARNING: These bellbottoms can be hazardous to your health.  The flare was so wide on these that going down the school stairs one day between classes someone behind me (or maybe it was me?) stepped on my and 3 others in front of me went down like bowling pins.  Luckily it was only about 3-4 stairs.  Ah, the price we pay for fashion................

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Better Late Than Never


I present Simplicity 3786  (hopefully I get a better picture later wearing it). Since it has been well over a month since I began this garment, let me refresh your memory.  This is the pattern and fabric:

I did View F. It has been eons since I've sewn pintucks and I didn't find their instructions very clear, so I kind of winged it.  They looked good enough to impress The Husband. Other than that it worked up easily.

It's an okay top. I have never been a big tunic gal, but they seem to be everywhere this year and thought I would give one a try.  The pintucks do add interest and the elastic insert in the back keeps it from being too blousey.  My cotton may be a little too stiff as it still poufs out in front for that much sought-after maternity look. I am hoping a few washings will soften in up a little.

One thing I don't like is the band collar.  It's too big and sticks up.  If I ever make this again I would make the collar half the size.

All in all, it's okay and it's DONE! Time to move on.......nothing here to see...........

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Kayaking Choctawhatchee Bay

We were able to get the yaks out for a few hours this morning.

I have matched my outfit to my yak.

 The Husband has also matched his outfit to my yak.

 Does this hat make me look....ridiculous?

Exploring the bayous and inlets is very relaxing.

Out on the open bay. The water is so shallow and clear here you can see the bottom in this picture.

 One of the nice things about kayaking around here is the wildlife.  The Husband was able to get a picture of this Osprey chick peeking over the nest.  There are actually 2 chicks in there and Mom and Dad were taking turns feeding them.

I also saw 2 pods of dolphins no more than 75ft from me.  Unfortunately The Husband missed them and I didn't have my camera with me.  They are so amazing to see up close in the wild like that, just swimming.

The mullet were also jumping like crazy too!  I was hoping one or two would jump in the yak.  For those of you who don't know what a mullet is aside from a bad haircut, it is a fish.  They are vegetarians so you can only catch them with nets.  They are very tasty.  But alas, none found their way on board.

It was nice to get out as it has been awhile since we have gone kayaking.  Even though it was already stifling hot with the sun beating down on our heads, there was an ever so slight breeze.  But just seeing the wildlife around us made it all worth it.

Enjoy the rest of your July 4th holiday.