Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunday Dinner

Today seemed to be international food day at our house. This is Vietnamese Bun with chicken and crabmeat spring rolls. We had a Mexican frittata for breakfast and a muffuletta for lunch (ok, I guess a muffuletta isn't really international).

I thought I'd throw out a few pictures of Louie for his favorite gal,
Ruby, to swoon over. Will you be his Valentine?

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Super Bowl Spread

I love pro football and the Super Bowl is always bittersweet to me. It is the biggest game of the year but also the last game of the year.

The Husband and I plan our Super Bowl yummies together. Here was this years spread:

Vietnamese spring rolls with peanut sauce.


Duck and Brie flatbread.

Mini grilled Rubens.

We also made mini dark chocolate croissants but I forgot to take a picture. We were all stuffed.

It was a great game. The team I was rooting for won.

Now what will I do on Sundays for the next six months?????