Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Fabric Man Cometh!

Like a lot of people, I too have succumbed to sales on some of the online fabric stores. My downfall was DenverFabrics, especially the twills. At least I have specific plans for these pieces (ROFL....Right, where have we all heard that line before!).

So here's what I got:

Top: Hi-Low black corduroy. This is for a hip-length wrap coat. I bought a flamingo pink flannel-backed satin on sale a few months back for lining and have been looking for a nice corduroy to start this coat for winter. Winters here are mostly mild but we can have some cool days and downright cold nights.
Botton: Black stretch sateen, for a TNT skirt.

Top: Magenta Twill to make view B of B5331. The color looks a little brighter here than it actually is, but it goes nicely with the taupey skirt I just finished and a top that I got to go with it.
Bottom: Cream stretch twill to make pants (yawn!)

Top:Tan/pink stripe twill to make another TNT skirt.
Bottom: Blue/green stripe twill to make shorts or a skirt. I have an inordinate amount of green tops, but nothing in blue, so I thought this would be a nice addition to my wardrobe.

This is my favorite piece, a taupey tan stretch pinwhale corduroy with a delicate floral vine embroidered in green,gold,cream and plum. I got it to make view A of B5331 (above, without the ruffling, I'm too old for that), but almost wish I would have gotten more to make a jacket. The vine pattern goes across the grain (and nap) so it could be tricky (at least for me) to work with, so a vest is probably better anyway. But I just love it and only $4.95 a yard!

I've cut a muslin of B5331 out of a mid-weight quilting cotton. I actually like the fabric and it also goes with the taupey TNT skirt, so I'm hoping it will work out okay. While I work on that I'll probably do something with the blue/green stripe twill as I can get a lot of wearings out of that right away. Everything else, except the black sateen skirt is for when it cools off's still stinkin' hot outside!

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  1. Prettty! Love the Majenta fabric. The corduroy is luxurious.