Thursday, July 16, 2009

Fido Friday

Super Bowl Sunday, January 20, 1985

What, you may ask, has this to do with Fidos? Well it happened to be the coldest day ever in Chicago with a temperature of -27 F and windchills at.....well pretty damn cold!

The Husband and I lived on the northside of Chicago about 2 miles from Lake Michigan. We had a good amount of snow on the ground that was frozen solid. You couldn't go anywhere because a) almost every car battery was frozen and b) it was to damn cold to walk!

We had our first two Rotties at that time, Wysti was almost 2 and Echo wasn't even 1 yet. The dogs had to go out to do their business but we worried about their paws getting frozen so we came up with a great idea! Actually I think it was The Husband's great idea. I know it was his tube socks and suspenders we used to make these schnazzy dog leggings.

Here is our story...........

Everything started out okay. They seemed to like their leggings. Echo is on the left and Wysti on the right.
Then they got into a tussle.

Then Echo tried to help Wysti get her's off, or maybe she wasn't really helping.

Eventually Mom had to step in and put a halt to the fun. Obviously our idea didn't work out very well. But it was funny. The Husband's tube socks were never the same again. The dogs went out, sans leggings, did their business at the bottom of the steps and ran back in without freezing to the patio!

These two were just the sweetest dogs, I miss them.

And who won the Super Bowl that year?
San Francisco beat Miami, 38-16


  1. Okay, that third picture made me laugh! It looks like they figured out how to make some pretty effective sling shots! Funny.

  2. Hahaha, I love the leggings and the dogs' reactions! We spent our first winter with the dogs in Chicago this past year and it was cooooooold.