Thursday, July 23, 2009

Can I Rant............a little

I know a lot of people have it tougher than me right now but so many things have gone wrong in the last 2 months, that I need to rant.....just a little.

In the past 2 months:

Lily had the tumor removed from her paw.
I found and lost a job in 2 days.
The Husband's breaks went out....while he was on a trip.
The Husband's alternator went least he was home.
The Husband's filling came out.
Our house was egged over the 4th of July.
Our roof leaked...again. Hopefully The Husband fixed it....again. (Not his fault, it is SO hard to find roof leaks).
The tv broke.....luckily it's just the bulb and is on order and The Husband can fix it.
The sprinkler pump went kaput .....a new one is on order, hopefully The Husband can fix it.
Lily is having trouble with her left front shoulder...hopefully it's just arthritis and not a cancer. We are trying medication.
I have not found another job.

Most of these are very fixable, but costly and we have already been living on a tight budget. We are better off than most, we still have some money put away and a little coming in, but these extras don't help. I know I shouldn't complain, but I'm just asking for a little reprieve here or a little luck.

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  1. Sending you good vibes, Chris! Something good is bound to happen soon. :)