Monday, July 13, 2009

Something About Me Monday


I am very drawn to the color green.

That could be why I have 30 green tops hanging in my closet. At least they are evenly divided between 15 tanks and tees, and 15 long sleeved blouses and sweaters. My favorite greens are apple green, lime and sage......hmmmm all based on foods!

My eyes are a bluish-green.

All of the walls in my house are green.

My Jeep is green.

My RV is green.

My engagement ring is a Tsavorite Garnet (this is a real garnet not created or heat-treated) , which is green.

I love the tree frogs in my yard, which are green.

Green is said to be very calming.

I must need a lot of green!


  1. These are awesome pictures and they do actually look very calming.

  2. Ann, I wish I could take credit for these beautiful pictures but I got them off the internet. They are very pretty and soothing though.