Monday, August 24, 2009

Something About Me Monday

I Love Pro Football!

From September to February on any given Sunday, Monday, Thursday or Saturday you can find me in front of the tv watching a game. I just love it! It is a game of smarts and strengths, flair and finesse. It's great!

Teams I love to watch:

Chicago Bears ( of course) - maybe this year they have a quarterback!
Pittsburgh Steelers - they have it all, brains and brawn. But I miss Coach Cowher and The Bus!
Greenbay Packers - although they are a Division rival Favre was the best (he should have bowed out gracefully) but Aaron Rodgers looks to be coming along strong.
Indianapolis Colts and New York Giants - gotta love the Manning brothers!
Philadelphia Eagles - McNabb is a hometown boy from the south suburbs and a truely great quarterback. But they have slipped a notch in my book with the hiring of Michael Vick.

Teams I will always root against:

Minnesota Vikings, New England Patriots, New Orleans Saints - don't ask me why, it's nothing personal except with Minnesota (division rivals again). There are just some teams I can't warm up to and always root for the opponent.

Teams I think are overrated:

Dallas Cowboys - why are THEY America's team????
Tennessee Titans - Jeff Fisher got his start in Chicago during it's heyday but I just don't see it.

There are a lot of teams out there any one has the potential to be good, well there is Detroit. If you too are a fan I hope I haven't offended and that you will take this all in good fun.

Here's wishing all the teams good luck and good health this season!

Let the Games Begin!

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