Monday, August 17, 2009

Claudette Update

Claudette blew into town at 11:20pm last night and the electricity promptly went out! It was only out about 30 seconds, just long enough for me to have to reset everything in the house! It got pretty windy for awhile with lots of rain but everything calmed down after about 40 minutes. Then it was just a few gust and light rain. Today it is windy with a little rain.

The parsley pigging caterpillar is still there but the other is MIA. I feel bad....I should have brought the plant into the garage to keep it safe until this blew over. I'm hoping it hunkered down somewhere and will show up.

Ana is losing steam as we speak and Bill is heading out to sea so all is good on the tropic front. They still need to be watched because they can flair up or change course in no time. But for now all is right with the world.

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  1. Hi Chris,Thanks for leaving the nice comment on my blog about my DD's mini-wardrobe. She was one happy young woman.
    How you must dread hurricane season each year! Hope it's not a bad one.