Friday, January 1, 2010

Starting the New Year off right!

I have been a very lacks blogger the past 3 months, life has just been a little "out of sorts" for me. But this is a new year and a new decade so let's see if I can do better.  We'll start out with a regular feature......................


Even four legged kids enjoy Christmas!

Ed has learned quickly that good things come out of Christmas stockings. Even after Christmas he continually checked out the stocking to smell if something else had been put in.

Lily checks out her new Everlasting Fun Ball and treat. Honestly this treat lasted all of 15 minutes. Does anyone make a treat that will hold up to Rottweiler jaws???  At least they didn't eat the Fun Ball!

Ed enjoys a Christmas treat, Sweet Potato Jerky.  This treat was not one of their favorites, but being dogs' they WILL eat anything!

Lily checks out her new Zebra friend.

Ed got a new Giraffe.

We had a nice and quiet Christmas. The "kids" had a great time with all their new toys and treats.

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  1. Love the pictures of the sweeties! It's funny you ask about treats that hold up to roti jaws. Simon is the same - I swear he could chew through steel cables. If you do find a heartier treat, please let me know!