Friday, January 29, 2010

A Change of Plan

I have this really nice gray poly suiting with  lt. pink/dk. pink pinstripes:

I was going to make another pair of the S5205 80's pants, but I decided to go with this pattern instead:


Last year I had adjusted the pattern and made a muslin that I wasn't totally happy with, and put them aside.  I found the muslin in the back of my sewing closet and tried them it . I  was pretty happy with the fit this time. Who knows what happened in the last six months...I think my working out has shifted some things around.  Anyway, I decided to go with this pattern.

I just finished putting in the zipper, so the facing and hem is all that is left to finish up this weekend.  They worked up really fast - no pockets, no waistband - super simple.

I have 2 other projects picked out and in the que for when the pants are complete. Next up will be B5331 in this magenta stretch twill.

I made a wearable muslin of this last year, View B, aalthough I'm not sure if I will do flat feld seams on this one. We'll see but I  need to get it completed before it's too warm here to layer things.  I think it will play nicely with the above pants or jeans with a pale pink tank or tee underneath.

After that I really need a lightweight robe for spring/summer, so I am going with M5248 and this fabric:


This is just  Michael Miller quilting cotton.  I am going to use both fabrics, one being the collar/facing and also making a contrasting faux cuff. I will probably inter-line it with batiste just for a little more body.

As much as I would love to get on pattern sale going on at BMV I am holding the line on patterns and fabric.  In cleaning out my sewing room last Saturday I figured I have enough to play with for a while, more sewing less shopping!

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