Monday, January 5, 2009

Dress #1 New Look 6803

Okay, here it is my first dress using New Look 6803. The dress was super easy which is what I needed to start with to get back into sewing. I looked the pattern up on and found a few helpful reviews.

I made version A and E (the belt) in a size 12 with no modifications. The fabric is a cotton quilting fabric that I had in my stash. The fit is what you would expect from a pattern that is labeled EASY. It has no darts and isn't very shaped, but it wasn't the total potato sack I thought it would be. I would never wear it without the belt. The front pleats do make it a little poofy at the bust but I'm small chested so any help there is appreciated!

All in all, I'm pleased with it and will wear it when it gets a little warmer or with an aqua colored cardigan, if I can find one.

Now my thoughts on my first web picture......let me just say this, I do not like having my picture taken. Don't know why, I just don't. And I am hardly ever pleased with the outcome. That being said I knew when I started this that I would need pictures and I like to look at the clothes people make on them, rather than on their dressforms. So I sucked it up and had The Husband take a few shots. This one was the best. It's not bad, I'll live. Although in my mind................I am much hotter in real life, ROFL!!!!

Tonight's Dinner

The Husband made one of my favorites....Pepperoni and Sausage Pizza. He makes the best thin crust pizza in my opinion. His crust is perfect, thin and crispy with just the right amounts of cheese, meats and sauce so as not to get soggy in the center. Honestly, I could eat it everyday.


This is Lily, aka The Princess, waiting for what
she thinks is rightfully hers ....a piece of pizza
crust. She got a piece, of course.

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