Monday, January 19, 2009

All By Myself

The Husband is still out of town so I've been entertaining myself with sewing and football. And I actually made some food that didn't require the microwave.

I tried a new chili recipe using chicken and white beans. Well, I misread the recipe (a frequent happening with me) and got 1 can of white beans when I needed 2, so luckily there was a lonely can of black beans in the pantry willing to sacrifice itself for the cause.

The chili was okay, pretty simple, but I gotta tell you, chicken doesn't belong in chili. The chicken breasts were pan-sauteed before going in the mix and were quite tender, but after adding and cooking for maybe 15 minutes in the chili it was like chicken gum - chewy. Really the only thing chicken is good for is frying or roasting, WITH the skin on. There is still enough left over for another meal so I will freeze it and force The Husband to eat it for dinner when he returns, maybe add some garlic bread. Garlic bread makes anything better!

I can't believe only 1 more football game left this season, what's a girl to do? Get a lot more sewing done, that's for sure. My dream Super Bowl match-up(Manning vs Manning) ended in the wild card round. Then my next best match-up (Giants vs Steelers) came to a screeching halt thanks to Philly. Then Philly ends the dream of an all PA match-up. At least the Steelers are still in it, Go Pittsburgh!

I've finally decided on my next sewing project. I was going to try a knit top, but chickened out and chose Simplicity 2805. Yes, it's so easy, but right now I think it's all the challenge I need. I've traced a size 12 but want to short it a little, I'm not into the tunic tops. I've got a nice cotton fabric from my stash that should make this a nice summer top.

Well, still got the aprons to finish off first, so I better get going.

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  1. Hello Chris! Thanks for your comments & tips over on my blog. This low-carb eating is absolutely the hardest thing ever, but I'm going to do it this time! I also live with an amateur chef, my son, (I share a home with son & his family) who thinks the more butter the better!!

    My youngest son is a REAL Chef living on Martha's Vineyard, so I only hear about his calories over the phone instead of smelling them in the kitchen....

    I'm sure enjoying your blog, both the sewing and the food... I'm getting my sewing machine out again after a 3 week break. I have new apron ideas forming in my head as we speak.....