Saturday, September 5, 2009

What I Wore.........................

I love to look at some of the daily fashion blogs with Ephemera and What I Wore Today as my favs, because these ladies have what I don't.... a sense of style.

But just for fun I thought I would do a play on their blogs with my own fashion post of:

What I Wore When I Cut the Grass!

Here's the outfit particulars:

Souvenir tank top - 8 years old
Blue Jean shorts - 8years old
Crew socks - 6 mos old
Canvas Keds - 10 years old
Trusty TroyBilt Mower - 5years old

Close up of the Shoes:

Okay, these are authentic Keds. Preeetty BAD!

But under those, are these!

I don't like to wear polish on my fingers, but I do like to paint my toes! I love this electric blue color.

So this is my fashion post for today. Hope you enjoyed!

More Backyard Creatures

If you have stopped by here before you know that I love most of the little creatures that live in my yard. When I cut the grass I am very careful to watch out for said creatures lest I mow over them. While I was doing 'poop patrol' before mowing (yeah, you want to make sure all that STUFF is out of the way!) I found a hatching of green tree frogs near our retaining wall. They grass was alive with little green hopping dots like this little guy:

Honestly no bigger than the tip of my little finger. They were everywhere along the south wall, so I left a 3 foot uncut swatch for them. I hope a few make it but they need to watch out for this guy:

The rather large Southern Toad. He looks well fed!


  1. That is one ugly toad. Love the outfit. I actually go to the store like that so.... (good thing we live in Florida). Love the shoes -- mine are black...well, black and green. That is so great that you watch out for critters. I had to rescue a frog out of my pool last week.

  2. This post just made me smile! From your stylish painted toes to your slimy little garden friends! Thanks for the links to those fashion blogs. I hadn't seen those before and will be bookmarking them. I hope you had a fun Llabor Day weekend, and will have a great week!