Wednesday, September 16, 2009

One Done .......Many to Go!

New Look blouse 6598 is done and in the bag, or should I saw wash (need to get those buttonhole marks off). I won't bore you with a picture of the buttonholes, they came pretty good, equal size and straight! All in all, I like it and will probably make more.

Next up was to be S5306. The short brown wrap version.

I say was because after doing a quickie muslin I didn't like the construction method. It is really meant for fleece or shearling. I have hi-lo corduroy and I want to line it with hot pink flannel backed satin. I just don't think I am experienced enough to make it work. So I searched the pattern sites and found a pattern I like a whole lot more and it is lined.

So now S5197 will be my new winter coat.

I actually like it better, not quite as bulky. And hey, I may need a pair of wide legged bell-bottoms someday, I hear they're making a comeback!

While I wait for this pattern (and a few others I couldn't resist) arrive I will work on another new blouse pattern B4659.

I am going to make the purple version, you can't see them well in this picture but they have 3/4 length belled sleeves. The style is similar to one I just made but with a little more flair.

I will be using this fabric:

Which is an older Robert Kaufman cotton from my stash. Sorry the picture isn't great but this fabric looks great with jeans.

That's it, off I go Top Chef is on tonight!

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  1. I'm sure your blouse turned out beautifully. I can't wait to see how your coat turns out. I really like that wrap pattern. I also have the Butterick blouse pattern you are planning on making next. I think it will make up beautifully with that gorgeous fabric you have!! I look forward to hearing your impressions of the pattern. I haven't made it yet, but I really liked the style. Have a wonderful weekend!