Thursday, February 19, 2009

Houston we have......Pants!

Well, they were suppose to be pants but the 100% cotton twill really shrank up a tad, so I thought capris were more stylish than flood pants. I'm really please with this pattern. I think they fit really well and look nice. I like their pockets, very narrow waistband, slimming darts.
Here's they are from the front:Here they are from the side:
And finally....from the back:
Here is the pattern I used, it is OOP. I got it last year from Lanetz Living Sewing Patterns.
I cut a 14 and pin tested it with a 1" side seams. I had to let the waist seam out to the standard 5/8" but took the side seams in more than an inch. I probably could cut the waist at 14 and then tapered to a 12 at the side seams but I liked having the extra fabric there just in case. I would rather cut off a few unneeded inches at the seams than end up with only a 1/4" seam. I had to take in the crotch a little also.

They pants look more streamline on the pattern model, but that's because she has stick legs and I have over 50 thighs!

All in all, I'm real happy with the fit and also with how simple and easy they were to make. I think this could be my TNT pants pattern with a little more tweaking! I've already gotten some more twill, this time with a little stretch to it, and hope to make some pants (not capris) soon.

Next I am trying my hand at sewing a jersey knit top. I should be finished with it this weekend. So far I have mixed emotions about sewing with knits.

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