Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Road to 10

It started on January 26, 2002, but we didn't meet her until March.
 How could we resist this face.
With BIG brother Tyson(Mr. Wrinkly Pants)

She loved him.

Very, very much.
He taught her to play.

She grew up.
On Dec 5th 2002 she lost her best friend, Tyson. She was very depressed.
So we got her an Edgrrr for Christmas.
 She taught him to play.

She showed him her stuff in agility.
Then we packed them both up and moved from Chicago to Florida.
On Feb 20th 2011 she lost her second best friend, Edgrrr.
On August 22nd 2011 she lost a leg to cancer. But she's a survivor
.........and today is her 10th Birthday
Sweetheart, may you have many more!


  1. Happy Birthday, Lily:) What a cute little pupster she was and that's a great sequence of photos of her life and loves. I hope she's having a wonderful day. She looks stunning in the bright pink collar when she was little:)

    Yes, Lily, we hope you have many more Happy Birthdays too!

  2. Oh sweet Lily! Happy, happy 10th birthday! Mom's eyes are all leaky. You and your brothers are all so beautiful. Mr. Tyson looks so much like Max, mom and dad's first rottie! TEN!! You go, girl!!

    Much Love,

    -Ruby and Bart

  3. Happy Birthday Lily. Oh this is just the best day. We hope you get heaps of treats, are spoilt rotten and enjoy your special day. Love all the puppy photos and the photos of your brothers Tyson and Edgrrr. Yay for Lily. Sending you 10 hugs and 10 lots of slobber (from Rory) No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  4. I'm sobbing over the loss of your boys and all your sweet girl has been through! My own Mabel Lou will be 10 in a few days! I'm so grateful for her health!! Wishing Lily a belated Happy Birthday!