Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Internet Made Me Do It.....

Seems everyone had their patterns on sale last weekend.  I couldn't resist, the force was too I splurged.

New Look. I don't know why but I love New Look patterns.  These are not new releases but I have wanted them for a long time and finally broke down:
These are great  blouses for our hot summers in Florida.

 I am on a skirt kick lately. While similar I think these can all be unique in their own way.

McCalls/Butterick: They had an incredible sale, $1.99 ($1.69 for Club members). Who could resist!
 I think this top pattern is new or I just over looked it before.

Again with the skirts, what can I say. It looks like the grandniece is getting some too.

LantzLiving: Love her vintage patterns, which these are not but again they are skirts.

I really need to get sewing and quit buying patterns. I've promised not to buy any more.....this year!  Good think it is already December.



  1. I guess we know how you'll be spending any time off you have during the holidays!!

  2. Lol, you're a bit like me with recipe books I think! I hardly cook but have got a library of cook books.

    Hope you get some sewing done. You've got some neat clothes to look forward to:)