Monday, December 5, 2011

I'm Getting Fat!

And it's The Husband's fault.  Just look at what he made for dinner Saturday night:
Oysters Rockafeller made with fresh Appalachicola oysters).
Gone in sixty seconds (I only had 6)! AND:

Prince Edward Island mussels in a garlic wine sauce. Yes this is just my bowl....I ate them all but 2, one was cracked and the other didn't open. Both dishes were DELISH!

Then on Sunday night he made this:
Lobster Mac n' Cheese. That is all claw meat that he carefully removed from the shell.  This was a good dish, but frankly I like his cajun crawfish mac n' cheese better.  I really think lobster is best served steamed or grilled with just a side of butter for dunking.

I contributed to our meals by eating everything on my plate and setting the table with this lovely centerpiece:
Even Lily helped by cleaning up any crumbs that may have found their way on to the floor. I'm sure there weren't many.
The Husband really needs to learn how to make a simple soup and salad don't you think? 


  1. No. I think he's doing just fine!!

  2. Oh yum:) Nothing wrong with comfort food in the winter. Can have salads in the summer!