Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year! Welcome 2011.............

Happy New Year to everyone!  I can't say that I will miss 2010............a lot of little things happened one right after the other that took it's toll on the The Husband and me, then there was the BP oil spill which did a number on the Gulf Coast region and last but not least there was Eddie's lymphoma.

But there were things to be thankful for in 2010.  We got a visit not once but twice from relatives up north.  I have a good part-time job that I not only kept in a down industry but got some nice bonuses during peak season, a great year-end one, and a nice raise to boot! We are selling our commercial property in a very down market, for a decent (not great) price.  The Husband and I are healthy, Lily is healthy and Eddie is doing great!  Can't beat that................

I didn't get as much sewing done this year as I would have liked but I did make a few things this year that I thought were real winners and have worn quite a bit.

Here are my 2010 winners:

McCall's 5248 bathrobe made from Michael Miller cotton.  I love this robe!

Simplicity 2917 skirt made from cotton fabric.  I wore this skirt all summer. It has so many colors in it, it goes with everything.

McCall 5882 tunic made from cotton. Just love it!

Simplicity 4182 jacket made from cotton.  When I first finished this I thought it was just okay, but I ended up loving it and wearing it alot.  I have a long sleeve version in the works.

So all in all, it wasn't a great year but it wasn't a total bust either!

May 2011 bring everyone health and happiness!

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  1. The first thing that struck me about your recap was that all the garments were such pretty colours!

    Happy New Year!