Monday, April 27, 2009

The Dress That Wasn't

This Thurs., April 30th is The Husband's and my 26th Anniversary. One of our favorite restaurants that burned to the ground over 3 years ago has finally rebuilt and reopened recently. So we are going there to celebrate.

This is a big deal for us since we have had to really cut back on the nice dinners out. I wanted to have a pretty dress to wear so have been working on Simplicity 2896. I had a really great black and pink floral stretch poplin fabric picked out. I checked the sizing for the dress and it looked pretty straightforward as a size 12 would fit. So of course I didn't make a muslin. And of course it doesn't fit well.

Here is the dress, pretty much complete except for hem and sewing down the facings:

It looks great! Just not on me. It's a little snug in the hips (I let it out a 1/2 inch on each side already, no more seam to let out),a little tight across the tush and it kinda bunches at the stomach instead of lying flat. So I went out an bought one of these:

Yes, that's right ladies, the modern day version of our Mother's Girdle!!!! But alas, it didn't help. It was still snug, still tight and still bunched. Maybe the style just isn't for me, but I am really bummed. I love the fabric and the look of the dress, just not on me.

So instead I will wear this dress (for the first time).

It looks soooo much better than the other one I may just make another. At least I will still get to wear these:

I have such a hard time finding cute shoes that fit okay and are reasonable I was thrilled to find these at the local Bealls.

Next up I'm working on practicing buttonholes. I finished a muslin for this blouse NL6598 of the sleeveless collarless view. I love this style of blouse and can see making all of these variations. BUT, I need to sharpen my buttonhole skills. I will start practicing them tonight. If it works out well on the muslin I will make the short-sleeved collar version in a red and black print next.


  1. Wow, I'm in awe of your sewing ability! I am hopeless (okay, I can sew a button, and do up a hem - I was in Girl Guides after all!).

    I love that dress with the blue belt!

  2. Actually my sewing ability is limited but I keep at it. It's the fitting that's really tough.....especially if you are "of a certain age". Things have rearranged themselves!