Monday, March 30, 2009

One Garment-A-Month Sew Along

I decided to join the One Garment-A-Month Sew Along on We're three months into it but....better late than never. It's almost April so it seems like a nice time to start. I'm hoping it will keep me on track for at least one project a month.

Now I just need to decide what to make. I have several choices with the first being Simplicity 2896. Our anniversary is at the end of April and I would like to make a nice dress for the occasion. I was thinking of making the dress in this fabric:

A stretch poplin from DenverFabrics, but I don't have enough. Luckily they still have it and it's on sale (BONUS!). So I've ordered more, but they can be slow so hopefully it will show up in time.

I am also thinking of making my grandniece a summer dress from New Look 6860 in this fabric:

I have plenty of this in my stash and she loves green. So I will probably start this while I'm waiting for the balance of the dress fabric to show up. But I need to get some ric rac trim and a zipper before I can start this one. I should be able to pick that up this week.

Maybe I'll get 2 items done in my first month! Oops I think I'm getting ahead of myself's not even April yet!


  1. I love both fabrics especially the first one.I'm trying to finish my Swap before Easter so I'm pretty much sewing every day. I just do enough housework to keep the house looking presentable. I'll be very glad to finish .Never again.

  2. Both fabrics and pattern choices are great.