Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sewing? What's that.........?

I can't remember the last time I posted about any sewing projects.  I think the last was the little dresses project early in spring.

Anyway, I have been doing a little sewing because it's too hot to do anything outside!

Let's start with a winner.....

New Look 6895

It doesn't look like much but it looks really good on and it was super easy to make.  Sometimes with these super easy top patterns they can end up looking boxy (especially without any darts like this one).  But I think this lightweight crinkle poly crepe made it work.  The color is a taupe/mushroom and looks really good with jeans.

Now for a loser..........


No, that is not a potato sack, it's a dress.  I got this pretty striped seersucker fabric and was going to make a summer blouse.  Then I got the bright idea it would make a nice cool summer dress.  I didn't have enough for a lot of the dress patterns I have but this on would work.  I've made a different view of this dress with the pleated neckline and the obi belt so I knew it would need a belt and I found a nice one.  But even with the belt I'm not lovin' it.....
It really screams HOUSEDRESS when you put it on even with the belt.  And the front neck vee is really, really stops past my boobs.  I'm disappointed.

Another winner.................


This pattern is OOP and is my one of my go to skirt patterns.  A simple slim skirt with narrow waistband and back kick pleat.   What makes this so special to me is the fabric.  I LOVE IT! Animal camo!!!  Here's a close up.
Mostly dogs with a few cats, bunnies and birds thrown in for good measure.  Adorable.

As Mr. Meatloaf would say ...."two out of three ain't bad".


  1. Love all your fabric choices, especially the animal camo... I need to get back to sewing as well.

    Sam and Pippen's mom.

  2. We thought they were all nice although laughing at the low plunging house dress. Have a lovely evening.
    Best wishes Molly