Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fido Friday on Sunday

Bad News/Good News/Bad News

Bad news: Lily had her blood test this past Tuesday.  Her white count was very low, around 2400.  The vet is a little concerned but not overly as this is sometimes expected with this chemo.  She has been put on antibiotics to protect her from infection and another blood test is scheduled for this Tuesday.  Her next chemo treatment has been postponed a week or two.

Good news: She is doing really great! Eating and being her normal stubborn self.  Smiling and even doing a little Rottie back talkin'.

Bad news: Gizmo over at Rottrover has recently been diagnosed with osteosarcoma.  As they have all been so supportive of us we were heartbroken to hear that yet another Rottie has been stricken with cancer.  We will keep them in our thoughts that Gizmo's remaining days are pain free and happy.


  1. Look at that smile!! Lilly looks great! Thanks for your kind thoughts. Gizmo is wagging and smiling and eating like a hungry rottie and snuggling every chance that he gets :-)

  2. Lily we are still thinking of you and sending love. Take care beautiful girl. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  3. From Lily's point of view, there is only good news. She feels great! I think Gizmo is feeling OK too for now thanks to his medicine.