Sunday, May 22, 2011

On the Sew Again

I have finally gotten back in the mood to do a little sewing for myself.  Since I am hoping to shed a few pounds while The Husband is wired shut and I am fending for myself (I have already dropped 1.5lbs......probably those donuts we had earlier in the week!)  I don't want to jump back in with anything major just yet.  So here are my choices:

First up McCall's 5248.  I made the bathrobe a year ago and love it.  This time around I could use some summer pajamas.  These are all cotton fabrics, the green is going to be the shorts and the top will be a combination of the print and peach solid.  I haven't worked out the exact details, but with summer already in full swing here in the FL Panhandle this will be perfect for hot, humid nights.

Next up is Simplicity 3786 in view E (with the capped sleeves) in this light blue and yellow floral.  I saw a similar sleeveless  tunic in the Chadwick's catalog that I really loved and I have a beautiful blue, white and black cotton print in my stash that would be perfect.  But it's been awhile since I have done pintucks so I am going to make this my wearable muslin.  I'm not a huge fan of tunics but I do love pintucks and this looks like it will be very nice and cool.

Last in line is New Look 6677....gee, did I just say I wasn't a huge fan of tunics????  I am also not a big purple/lavender fan....but what the heck, I'm in a stash burning mode.  I am not sure which view to make.  My first choice is View E (sleeveless with major banding) but that neckline on the model is lower than I like and I and not sure if I am capable of redrafting this.  My second choice is View C, the white sleeveless, which is actually less tunic looking.  The neckline is more to my liking and I can still use the solid for the front placket and banded collar.  I could also make bias from the solid and use it around the armholes and side vents.  Jury is still in deliberations.

Anyway, I am happy to be back in the sewing saddle.  Hopefully I won't fall off again.  Time to get cuttin'.


  1. Question - if someone just needed a sewing machine for simple touchups and hemming pants, what would you recommend?

  2. Stay away from the cheap Singer machines at Walmart. Check out some garage sales or thrift stores for older Kenmores or Necchis.