Sunday, April 10, 2011

Go Fish!

Yesterday we went to Joe Patti's in Pensacola to stock up on fresh fish....yes, we can get fish here but the selection and price is worth the trip to  Joe Patti's.  The Husband got a new toy a few weeks back....a vacuum sealer.  So he is giddy with delight and on a mission to stock the freezer.

Last night we have a dozen oysters on the half-shell and a dozen Rockefeller.  Then we had this:

Maguro (tuna)  sashimi with edamame and pickled radishes.  The white fish is Escobar or white tuna.  They gave us a small piece for free when we told them we were doing sushi.  It is heavenly, like butter in your mouth.  It was all very good.  Oh, did I mention that this was just MY plate?

I served up this cocktail:

A Caribbean Cruise.  It went okay with it, not as good as Sake or Plum wine would have gone, or even better a Medori Colada.  But it was all good!

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