Sunday, October 3, 2010

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.....................

Ah, fall in the Florida Panhandle.  I've been waiting all summer for this and finally it's here.  Along with the hint of cooler weather to come, it's also time to give the pups their fall bath.

Lily is unsuspecting of what lies ahead.
We've lassoed a Rottweiler for washing.
Ed after a good scrubbing.
Lily gets hosed.
The wipedown. Lily is not amused.
Clean and fuzzy.  Hey, you forgot to touch-up my grey!
Ed thinking about what he can roll in to get that "new dog" smell off him.

Ah, fall.....................

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  1. Oh, Rotties! Have had one or more since 1977. Charlie lived to be 17. We have one precious girl now 3 yr old, Onyx. She shares the house with one "mut". Yours are beautiful!