Sunday, June 6, 2010

Oil and Hurricanes

This is where I live:

Destin, FL to be exact.  We moved here almost 7 years ago.

No doubt about it, it is beautiful.  But I would leave it, if I could.

As most of you know a few hundred miles west a disaster occurred.  Eleven people lost their lives and the largest oil spill in the nation is on going.  Heading this way.  To this:

I don't really want to debate who's at fault, who's in charge or whatever.  I believe that BP is the best to handle this, not the Government, not the Military.

What scares me more is this, hurricane season started June 1st:

On it's own this is bad....with the oil, this is really, really bad.

Now every morning I check the Tropical Weather report here and the oil spill report here.
What a life!

Today, weather permitting, we will go to the will be our first time this may be our last....................

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  1. So sad to see this happen... it's paradise where you live.