Monday, March 24, 2014

Noemi and Curtis

This was suppose to be up on St. Patty's Day but my iPad got screwed up after I updated it. Finally got it back to normal. So here we are a week late for the ball.

Noemi is a secondhand doll (I'm still trying to tame her mane). I made her gown, it has a slight fishtail hem in the back which you can't see.

Curtis is actually Perfume Lovin' Ken. I didn't make his outfit but I am working some Ken outfits.

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Sunday, March 9, 2014


Since this blog is suppose to be about fabric, food and fido....but lately it's been the Barbie show...I thought some fido pictures were called for.....

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Friday, February 14, 2014

February Sweethearts

What's Valentine's Day without a few special sweethearts.

Ponytail Barbie (aka Evelyn) and 65' Bend leg Midge (aka Joan) have new dresses for Valentine's Day made by me.

Both of these are vintage dolls added to my collection about 15-20 years ago. They are gorgeous.

Ken (vintage) escorts Evelyn to the Valentine Dance.

Midge (vintage) is decked out in # 939 Red Flare. Waiting for her date for the dance.

Allen (vintage) and Midge make a lovely couple.

Here is my original Francie again, wearing the skirt and top from #3448 With It Whites and the raincoat from #1255 Polka Dots n' Raindrops. The other Is Grow Pretty Hair Francie wearing the other pieces of the With It Whites outfit. I haven't renamed her yet, nothing seems quite right.

What name would you give her?

Happy Valentine's Day

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Life, Death and the Pursuit of Happiness

One of my nephews passed away suddenly 2 weeks ago at the age of 37. It was a shock.

I hadn't been back to Chicago in 10 years. I needed to the middle of one of the worst winters in ages. The airfares were astronomical so we drove.....1800 miles round trip in 3 1/2 days. We spent 24 important hours with family and the rest on the road.......some on black ice in Indiana.

We are still exhausted from the drive but luckily the weather gods saw to it that conditions were not too hazardest and we made it home safely (although the weather did follow us home). But I am so glad we were able to go.

Our family is not a close one but it is the kind that even though you don't see each other a lot when you do get together you have a good time. No arguing or yelling, no drama. Maybe it is the fact that we don't see each often then when we do, we spend our time on pleasantry and not passed perceived wrongs.

I was glad to be there for my sister.

After the snow, ice wind and cold we returned to was great to be back home.

Our weather was beautiful, in the 60's, which lasted all of 2 days.

Monday was my birthday and The Husband made me breakfast, sausage gravy and scrambled eggs....yum.

Doesn't look pretty but oh so good. Since we just got back from our trip the night before I had to go to work but I got to open my presents before going.

I scored 3 Ken dolls and 2 Skippers. Happy Birthday to me!

By Tuesday morning weather was starting to turn, It appears to have followed me from Chicago. I left work at 2:30 to freezing rain and we had an official Florida 'Ice Day' yesterday.

That is ice covering everything. The patio was so slick Lou came running across the yard and slid across taking down the flower pots like bowling pins.

I spent my day like I did when I was a kid.....playing with my dolls. I freed all my new ones from their boxes and decided give some others a cleaning.

A few months ago I bought a couple lots of Barbies on eBay. Some I will keep and the others I will clean and dress for charity. This one is getting a Downy hair bath to get the frizzy out of her hair.

I cut out doll dresses and did some sewing, read and napped. It was a wonderful 'Ice Day'. I felt like a kid again.

Today it's back to work and reality. But there will be other play days......I think we all need them, to play and be a kid again. Life, as we all know, can be so short. So play, do what puts a smile on your face.
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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Gift for a Friend

We had our neighbors over for a game night before Thanksgiving. I was showing her some of my Barbies and clothes that I made. She got very excited and started talking about her Midge doll and how she was always her favorite. She was heartbroken that her mother had given all her dolls to her niece years ago and they were gone.

My neighbor has been having some serious health issues and is waiting to have more tests done next week. I wanted to do something for her to take her mind off things and reminder her of happier days, so I took to Ebay and found her this beautiful Midge doll..........for a steal.

The seller was fairly new and only had one picture of her. There were only a few hours left on the auction and I had to get to work so I put in the starting bid (no other ones were entered) and set a small limit just in case someone else came across her.........but no one did.

I kept my fingers crossed that she would be in decent condition for the low price. Well, she turned out to be in very good condition.....all fingers and toes, all polish and face paint. Hair just in need of a brushing.....well it might need a washing to freshen up her do.

She came dressed in just the dress from the Barbie in Switzerland outfit. I made her this simple strapless dress and stole that will take her from Christmas parties to New Year's Balls. Slip on a pair of vintage shoes and she was all set.

Needless to say my neighbor was thrilled and I was thrilled to put a smile on her face.

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Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Food of Christmas

We always start our morning with a variety of smoke fish and lox and bagels. And we can't forget the Bloody Mary to wash it all down.

Pre-dinner cocktail was a Pomagrante Martini.

Dinner was filet with lobster tails, baked potato and asparagus. And we can't forget a glass of wine to wash it down.

We had a Mixed Berry Tart (store bought.....oh the horror!) But I forgot to take a picture.

Ugh! Lucky I got the Wii Zumba workout for Christmas !!!!!!!!

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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas

Original Barbie in gown handmade by my Aunt Virgie for me for Christmas almost 50 years ago.

Brenda, 1964 brunette bubblecut is wearing vintage outfit #977 Silken Flame. Veronica, 1964 ponytail swirl is wearing vintage outfit # 986 Sheath Sensation. These dolls and outfits are vintage but not original to me. I have added several dolls and outfits to my collection in the past 20 years. Both dolls have had their lips retouched.

Stephanie, 1967 - 1968 Hair Fair and 1966 Francie, Barbie's MODern cousin. The Hair Fair was just sold as a head with different hair extentions. This one has had some re-rooting done as you can see by her cowlick. Francie is original to me and is as close to perfect as a played with doll can be. Both outfits are made by me.

Look at that face, perfect lips, no missing eyelashes, beautiful hair and her body is excellent. Yes, Francie is perfect to me.

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